Anxiety Buster Coaching Program | Dan Clark


How to Calm the Beast and unleash the Best You

with Dan ‘NITRO’ Clark

The Anxiety Buster Coaching Program is a program with a mission:

to shut out your inner demons and give you the power to thrive.

Work with Dan 1-on-1 to CRUSH your anxiety and unleash your best self!


Your anxiety is the
biggest obstacle in your life.

You wake up each day with a pit in your stomach.

You are too busy navigating around it, rather than solving the root cause of the problem.

It’s hard to reach your goals when you’re focused on coping at a basic level.

It’s simple, you cannot have success without an anxiety management strategy.


The Anxiety Buster Coaching Program:  
How to Calm the Beast and Unleash Your Best Self

with Dan ‘NITRO’ Clark

The Anxiety Buster Coaching Program is a program with a mission: to shut out those inner demons and give you the power to thrive.

You’ll learn how to identify those awful voices in the back of your head, the ones that tell you:

  • You’re not smart enough
  • You’re not strong enough
  • You’re not GOOD enough

That’s all your anxiety speaking, and Dan Clark is here to stop them from stopping you.


Dan “Nitro” Clark is a #1 bestselling author, life coach, TEDx speaker, and a world-class fitness expert. As part of his mission to help people become healthier and happier, he uses his own past experience with anxiety to help others conquer their inner demons and reach their full potential. After having a harrowing near-death experience, Dan spent years learning how to redefine success and fulfillment. His expertise has been featured on Good Morning America, ESPN, and Entertainment Tonight as well as in the pages of Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Dan knows what it’s like to be stuck in that dark place, and he’s come out the other side. Now he wants to devote his time to help you see the light again.

With the Anxiety Buster Coaching Program, you’ll go through a 7-week program of identifying and conquering your personal beast of burden.

In just 7 weeks you’ll cover:

  1. What your anxiety is keeping you from
  2. Where the source of your anxiety comes from
  3. How to create a step-by-step management plan
  4. Taking the first steps toward your goal
  5. Identifying the triggers that could threaten to stop your progress
  6. Creating a concrete plan to get you to your goal
  7. Maintenance – how to navigate anxiety and stay on course in the long run

There is no “one and done” approach to dealing with anxiety – it’s a natural part of life. What you can do, and what the Anxiety Buster Coaching Program will teach you, is how to stop reacting to it and always move forward with peace of mind.

If you want to reach your full potential you have to push through your inner demons.

This coaching program isn’t just about inspiration, it’s about getting the tools and taking action.

You’ll come out of this with the power to:

  • Immediately recognize your anxiety triggers
  • Push through moments that once would stop you in your tracks
  • Carve your personal path around the blocks that your anxiety puts in front of you
  • Know that you have a plan of action whenever you feel triggered
  • Feel empowered through your anxiety, not powerless

You’re not the only one with personal demons, it’s a part of being human.

Sometimes it feels like you’re fighting a never-ending battle with them.

Take control of your inner demon with

The Anxiety Buster Coaching Program with Dan Nitro Clark.

Life won’t stop just because you’re scared.

Stand in your power and enjoy the ride.

7 weeks of Individual Coaching

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